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About Reevo 360

Reevo 360 was established to provide high quality 360 degree tours at a price that makes the product affordable and therefore viable to many diverse industries.

The product can create large savings by decreasing the need for manual processes by making internal or external spaces viewable online.

We have developed a new 360 degree high definition camera rig that shoots in full stereoscopic 3d.

Our rig enables us to provide high definition tours that can be viewed on screen via a mobile, tablet or pc.

Alternatively, people can view environments in 3d through a virtual reality headset so as they can experience each place as if they were actually there. The 3d VR view will give people the feel of size, space and perspective of the environment.

Reevo 360 is a collaboration between a team of VR developers who have vast experience in creating CGI virtual experiences and 360 degree photography.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have built a product that understands the market needs and is of the highest technical standard.

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